Running time 45mins
Language Ukrainian
Subtitle language English
Sound Stereo

Film Details

Director Emilien Urbano
Genre Documentary
Themes Coming-of-age, War, Computer game violence
Release Date Coming 2024 (in production)
Logline An eye-opening coming-of-age documentary told from the frontline of Ukraine.
Synopsis: Trouble offers an unparalleled insight into the day-to-day lives of the young Ukrainian men risking their lives in Bakhmut, the frontline of the Russian-Ukraine war. Trouble, shoot by Emilien documents the everyday for these young soldiers. From dancing to techno to Call of Duty tournaments. Using unparalleled footage, not only do we witness the destruction of the current conflict first-hand, but by documenting the, usually ignored moments in-between the conflict, the moments of misleading calm, Trouble reveals the shocking normalisation of the conflict told from the perspective of those who have no choice.


Behind the Scenes