Kate Cox interview

Please note, topics covered include: mother nature’s womb, unsolicited advice, work/life balance, Samantha Morton and, as always, snacks.
Smoking Gun Films: So, let’s dive right in I guess. What initially sparked your passion for film and led you to pursue a career in the film industry?
Kate: I studied Fine Art at University but ended up making films. I worked in the art department up north (where I'm from) on a few films and TV dramas. When I moved to London I crossed over into photography and really enjoyed being closer to the camera. At the same time, I was writing scripts so it made sense to move into directing. 
SGF: Can you share a memorable experience or turning point in your career that has significantly influenced your approach to filmmaking?
Kate: I think trusting your gut is important. For me it's been a journey of leaning into that instinct more and of course with every job, you grow and learn.

SGF: All of your films so far seem to have a nautical theme, why this such a common thread for you
Kate: A watery theme recently, that's true. I do love the ocean! Its vastness, the unknown and the water's womb-like quality provide a lot of inspiration for me
SGF: Filmmaking often involves long hours and intense collaboration. What's your go-to method for de-stressing after a project?
Kate: When a film ends it always feels odd because of the drastic change of pace. If there is time for a rest before post then long walks with my dog by the sea.
SGF: What is the toughest part of filmmaking for you.
Kate: The silence of being freelance. Sometimes it feels like you are in an echo chamber with your own ideas. I find trusting in friends and peers in these moments the most helpful way to get out of your own head.
SGF: As we know all too well, filmmaking is not easy, did you face any unusual hurdles when making Queen of The Sea?
Kate: Yes, filming was supposed to happen in March 2020, so the pandemic caused a real setback. Then the second attempt of filming I fractured my spine when the uber I was in crashed on the way to Heathrow airport!  The film has been on quite a journey, so it feels incredible to have finished it. 
So, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into filmmaking?
Kate: Follow your instincts and don't take yourself too seriously. 
SGF: For the second half of the interview we like to break things up with some “alternative” questions. Don’t worry, we ask everyone the exact same questions:SGF: First question on the list! If you could do any other job on set what would it be?
Kate: Acting, I find it fascinating but I'm completely useless at it. 
SGF: We all have that film that’s a guilty pleasure. What's your guilty pleasure film, and why does it hold a special place in your heart?
Kate: I binge watch series like any other person. Most recently Dead Ringers and BEEF. I get goosebumps when I think about how good they are. And I'm currently having a John Carpenter moment -  revisiting 80's horror, Cronenburg will probably be next.SGF: What item can you not live without on set?Kate: Water, coffee and bananas
SGF: Other than popcorn, what movie snack can you not live without?
Kate: Maltesers
SGF: Have you ever been star-struck?
Kate: Yes, all the time. I followed Samantha Morton around at a party, she was very understanding and didn't seem to mind.  
SGF: Final question! What’s next?! We also love your scripted work, are you currently writing by any chance…?
Kate: I am writing a feature script at the moment and there's no ocean in it.